La Noche

¡La NOCHE! is a music/talk show featuring a surprise combination of Two Major Superstars surprisingly to be seen Together on One Stage

¡LaNOCHE! is filmed in a giant, box like setcombining elements of a40’s New York Supper Clubwith a transparentsports arenainTelevisa’s15,000 sq. ft state of the art studio 2in front of anup-close audienceof 250 dedicated fans.

The Format

The show opens and closes with CIMAFUNK the most exciting house band of the day, from Cuba, lauded by The NY Times. Each of the artists performs a Brand New Version of a current hit or one of Their Biggest Hits, then the artists performTogether. The Conversation focuses on their musical lives and controversies. Each ¡LANOCHE! in addition features a surprising “InvitadodeLujo”.